This is not the website for David Higgins, the race car driver or David Higgins the snooker champ.  Nor is it the site for David Higgins who works for the World Bank or the World Health Organization or something like that.  This is not the site for the David Higgins that does something related to charting the heavens.  This is not the site for David Higgins, the professional photographer or the other David Higgins that is also a photographer (although I do enjoy taking pictures).  This is the site for me, another David Higgins and...


Over the past few years, I have made puppet shows for grown-ups.  I have made a variety of puppets for those shows.

I have bled for them and THEY HAVE BLED FOR ME

Chuck the Cook (from Antipasto's), a not very well balanced creation made of found objects including a damn sharp knife.

Greaser, who, when put to test to defend the honor of grease in Bird vs. Grease: Battle For the Word, loses to bird.

...but usually it's been much less painful for all involved, even when it has happened at an event called Blood From a Turnip, which is where I also help puppet theater happen by co-producing late night puppet salons with Vanessa Gilbert (who started the the whole thing going 16 years ago with Jeremy Woodward).  We are currently on a little sabbatical while we find new venues and people.


Jo-an Peralta, Katie Cohn and Cedric Lilly in Over the Top (Providence Playwrights Festival). Photo by David Higgins

In addition to writing scripts for puppets to perform, I also write scripts for humans to perform.  I usually still make them play with objects, though.


dryhead.jpg take pictures. 

It is quite common for a David Higgins to take pictures, and I am no exception to this rule.  In addition to the regular holiday snapshots, I enjoy shooting:

  • theatrical events and such - a steady hand, a decently fast lens and patience means I capture some nice shots in low light without inflicting a flash on the event

  • B-roll event photography - while others are taking really nice pictures of the bride, I focus on the smaller moments

  • Falling down buildings - they're just kinda pretty and sad all suspended in their journey from structure to rubble

So… all the photos on this site are shot by me.  Except the one to left there.  And the big b&w one up in the heading. That was in a photo booth in New Hampshire.  But everything is by me.  Unless otherwise noted.  Or from World War One.

...and put a pen to paper 

which I sometimes transcribe into pixels.